Charlottesville's Catholic Worker community

Christ Rooms

Christ Rooms are a series of rooms in private homes which are available for short-term hospitality for people in need. Guests are welcomed as Christ – as people created in the image of God, as people with wisdom and gifts to share, as people who are on a journey toward wholeness.

Hosts open a room in their home to a guest for a determined period of time. Singles, couples, and families serve as hosts. Hosts from any income level or faith practice are welcome to participate. Hosts receive support in the form of relationships, resources, and times of gathering.

Support households assist hosts by providing regular times of listening and conversation, and by offering practical assistance which may take the form of occasional meals or transportation. Christian hospitality happens in the context of community; support households offer community to hosts.

Guests agree to live within the host home with respect and open communication. Guests select an advocate to accompany them during their time in the hospitality network. Advocates may be pastors, social workers, c0-workers, friends, elders, or other persons respected by the guest. Guests are recommended for the Christ Room network by our community partners.

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Casa Alma serves as a threshold – a place where guests, advocates, hosts, and supports can meet and begin to form relationships. We also offer resources and support to all involved.