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FAQ Christ Rooms

Find answers to some general questions below. More detailed information is available on the page Hosting a Christ Room and related links; more pages coming soon. Feel free to contact us with additional questions.

What is the origin of a Christ Room?

In the fourth and fifth centuries, St. John Chrysostom urged his parishioners, “Make for yourself a guest-chamber in your own house: set up a bed there, set up a table there and a candlestick…Have a room to which Christ may come; say, ‘This is Christ’s cell; this building is set apart for Him.”

Are there other networks of Christ Rooms?

Many Catholic Worker communities, and other intentional Christian communities have a Christ Room (or several) to welcome people in need. However, we are not aware of another network of Christ Rooms such as this. If you find one, please let us know!

Do I have to be Christian to participate?

No. People of other-than-Christian beliefs and practices are welcome to jump right into non-hosting tasks, or, to become guests. People who would like to host are asked to contact us directly so that we can talk about how to maintain essential qualities of the Christ Room within another set of beliefs or practices.

How do I get started with a Christ Room?

If you haven’t hosted people in your home or lived in intentional community before, a good place to start is by providing hospitality to people who you know. Explore resources on our website and join us for in-person gatherings. Consider joining the Christ Room network as a support household.

I am not in a position to host, how can I be involved?

We need people in support roles! Explore our resources on support households and consider sharing your time to help our hosts. You can also help Casa Alma launch and manage the Christ Room effort with web updates, publicity, and community outreach. Contact us for more information.