Charlottesville's Catholic Worker community

Guest Families

Casa Alma welcomes formerly homeless and low-income families to stay as guests in our houses of hospitality.  All types of circumstances bring families to Casa Alma, but the one thing they have in common is that they are unable to afford safe and decent housing.

We have opened our doors to grandparents, single parents, couples, and children.  Were it not for Casa Alma, these parents would be making choices between paying utility bills and buying food; they would be falling deeper into debt; and some would be homeless. Casa Alma’s houses of hospitality provide a safe and welcoming refuge and time for families to address some of the root causes of instability in their lives.


jesus breadline


Guests at Casa Alma have saved funds for security deposits and first month’s rent; they have paid down debts, found better employment and improved their English language skills; several are currently working toward obtaining a Habitat home.  Thank you to all who have helped Casa Alma host and accompany Josefina, Yeimi, Moises, Carlos, Eliseo, Josue, Larry, Patricia, Kayla, Evan, Sara, Elijah, Maya, Sheron, Shirley, Desi, Lina, Gregory, Mutusim, Heidy and Linda.  Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Above: The Christ of the Breadlines, by Fritz Eichenberg