Charlottesville's Catholic Worker community

Hosting a Christ Room

“In hospitality the stranger is welcomed into a safe, personal, comfortable place, a place of respect and acceptance and friendship…Such welcome involves attentive listening and a mutual sharing of lives and life stories. It requires an openness of heart, a willingness to make one’s life visible to others, and a generosity of time and resources.” (Making Room, p.13)

Qualities of hosts:

  • Singles, couples, or families who have time in their lives and space in their homes to welcome someone in need as Christ
  • Have an active spiritual life and prayer practices which are sustaining and nourishing
  • Can identify their motivations for hosting; can identify areas of hosting which might be challenging to them
  • Are willing to enter into relationships of support and accountability around hosting
  • Can resist the temptation to fix, change, and give unwanted advice to guests


Preparing to host a Christ Room  Logistics of hosting  Boundaries when hosting