Charlottesville's Catholic Worker community


The Casa Alma community includes resident volunteers, guest families, and an extended inter-faith community.

Resident volunteers:
Laura and Steve Brown are the founders of Casa Alma and current resident volunteers. “We are inspired by our Catholic faith and our belief that the world is essentially a place of abundance, a place in which everyone’s basic needs can be met.” Read more.

P1050067Guest families:
Casa Alma welcomes as guests formerly homeless and low-income families who cannot afford safe and decent housing. While living at Casa Alma, guests connect to local social services, save funds for future housing, pay down debt, and work toward more stable employment. Thank you to all who have helped Casa Alma host and accompany Josefina, Yeimi, Moises, Carlos, Eliseo, Josue, Larry, Patricia, Kayla, Evan, Sara, Elijah, Maya, Sheron, Shirley, Desi, Lina, Gregory, Mutusim, Heidy and Linda.


Extended community
That’s you! We welcome people of any faith practice, ethnic background, sexual orientation, age and ability to join us as occasional visitors, volunteers, financial supporters, or regular participants in our community events.

Casa Alma also partners with local organizations: schools, congregations, justice groups, and non-profits for days of service, immersion days, tours, and collaborative efforts. Some examples: our Joint Plan of Work with Virginia Organizing, which owns the Nassau Street homes; Co-sponsoring witness for immigration reform with the Church of the Incarnation; working with the Building Goodness Foundation to make improvements to the houses of hospitality.

If you are involved with a local group and would like to collaborate with Casa Alma or visit us, let us know!


“Along the way there are marvelous companions on the journey.  People who help, who come and do manual labor with us. People who give us the resources we need for this work. People we accompany on their journeys and people who bear patiently some of our attempts to be of some small assistance to them. People who tell us their stories and hear ours”.  -Bob Waldrop, founder of Oscar Romero Catholic Worker House, Oklahoma